Free For One Year

You're probably wondering if this is too good to be true. Well, it sort of is and it sort of isn't. It's not all you can eat, and it's not every day. It's a set amount for each restaurant and it's once a week for a year. For Mike's Pizza it's a free large specialty pizza per week up to 88 yuan value, for one year. For Redbeard Burgers it's a free burger per week up to 88 yuan value, for one year. For Johnny 5 Donuts it's a free 6 pack of donuts per week up to 58 yuan value, for one year. And for Panda Libre it's a free burrito or quesadilla per week up to 58 yuan value, for one year.


You're probably also wondering how you can enter in this awesome contest. It's simple, post a picture of yourself on WeChat enjoying something that you purchased at any of these fine establishments. Limit: One post per purchase, but you can enter as many times as you like.


The contest will run from September 6 until October 9. Each time you visit a participating establishment you can receive one contest entry simply by posting a picture of yourself enjoying your food on your moments. Anytime after October 9th and before October 14th, just stop by Mike's Pizza and show us the posts in your moments. Each unique post will be redeemed for 1 raffle ticket. You can also post the link to this page for an additional raffle ticket. On October 14th we will hold a drawing at 10:00pm at Mike's Pizza for all four of these grand prizes, as well as bunches of other individual prizes including gift certificates and swag.


Mike's Pizza

Redbeard Burgers

Johnny 5 Donuts

Panda Libre Burritos

Contest Rules 活动规则:

  1. Winner need not be present at the drawing to win the Grand Prizes. 大奖幸运儿并不需要到抽奖现场但需要提前来领取抽奖票,但纪念奖仅供现场参与者赢取。
  2. The same person can not win multiple Grand Prizes.一人不能同时赢得2个大奖。
  3. The one post per purchase rule is subject to a reasonable use clause. It is reasonable for 2 or 3 people to share a pizza and they could each post a picture of themselves enjoying that pizza and each be given a contest entry. It is not really reasonable for 10 people to share one donut. You get the point, let's just keep it fun and classy.关于每一次餐厅消费在朋友圈分享次数的问题:一餐只能给一个微信用户发出一张抽奖票。但是当几个人同时用餐(比如说共享一个披萨或分享一个汉堡和薯条)时,每一位都可以在朋友圈分享这次用餐经历,每一位都可以得到一张抽奖票。但10个人分享一个多拿滋甜甜圈却是不太现实的。希望这次活动给大家带来惊喜,带来口福,带来一年的好运,前提是公平优雅地参与。
  4. The grand prize is one item per week for 52 weeks. If you don't collect your prize for that week, you forfeit your prize for that week. There is no cash value for the prize. However, if you won't be in Chengdu for a period of time, you may be able to make arrangements for someone else to claim your prize on your behalf. These arrangements must be made with and approved by the establishment in question and will be done on a case by case basis.活动大奖是抽奖后连续52周每周一餐在指定金额内的免单。如果其中某一周你没有领取则视为放弃本周的奖品, 不进行贴现。如果你某一段时间不在成都,你也许可以请他人代领,但是这种安排一定要通过我们的审核,在得到我们的同意后执行。
  5. We will NOT be keeping track of your entries for you. After October 9th and before 9:00pm on October 14th, come in person to Mike's Pizza and show us all the qualifying posts in your moments and you will receive 1 raffle ticket for each qualifying post. 和去年不同的是,我们不帮你数有多少条分享记录。10月9日到10月14日9点以前,你到麦可披萨来登记你的朋友圈分享记录即可。