Mike's Pizza Playoffs


Grand Prize: 2000RMB and Legend Status!

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The Pizza Playoffs are Back and Bigger than ever!

Compete for your slice of Chengdu History!

Create your own signature DIY pizza, give it a name, and enter it in the Mike's Pizza Playoffs. At the end of May, the top 8 pizzas by sales volume will be chosen to compete against each other in the Pizza Playoff Finals on June 10.


The contest will run from May 1 until the May 31. Don't forget to post your creation on WeChat and tell your friends the name of the pizza to order. The final competition for the top eight pizzas will be held at Mike's Pizza on Saturday, June 10.


Pizza Playoff Contenders

Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto, Extra Cheese, Pepperoni, Garlic, Black Olives, Parm, Cream Cheese, Basil Pesto, Sun-Dried Tomatoes.
The Green Eyed Monster86
Tomato Sauce, Light Cheese, Broccoli, Spinach, Jalapeno, Green Pepper, Finished with Sichuan Pepper Paste.
The Toby74
Pepperoni, Jalapenos, Corn
Cheddar Mornay Sauce, XXX Spicy, Extra Cheese, Extra Bacon, Onion, Pepperoni, Jalapeno, Red Pepper, Cheddar, Finished with Ghost Pepper Honey
White Sauce, Mashed Potatoes, Bacon, Jalepeno
The Homesick82
Tomato Sauce, Extra Pepperoni, Topped with Mad Buffalo Sauce
La Dolce Vita115
Thin Crust, Tomato Sauce, Garlic, Italian Sausage, Mushrooms, Pepperoni, Red Peppers, Parm, Finished with Pistachio Pesto
Van Helsing106
Whole Wheat Crust, Basil Pesto Sauce, Garlic, Black Olives, Arugula, Topped with a Crucifix of Roasted Tomatoes infused with Garlic and White Wine Vinaigrette.
The Bear Wolf92
The answer to the age old question, what would happen if Mama Bear hooked up with a Were-wolf? Tomato Sauce, Onions, Sausage, Pepperoni, Green Pepper, Black Olives, Mushrooms.
The Harri Goat110
Tomato Sauce, Goat Cheese, Artichokes, Salami, Onions, Arugula, Pistachio Pesto, Balsamic Glaze on a Super Thin Crust.
The Taboo115
Onion, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Red Pepper, Ham, Corn and Scrambled Eggs with a Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Base and a Sriracha Ranch Finish.
The Pesto Perfection110
Pistachio Pesto Base, Red Pepper, Adobo Chicken, Arugula.
The Big Brat108
Pepperoni, Ham, Bacon, Sausage, Jalapeno, Black Olives, Goat Cheese, Aged Cheddar, finished with Spicy Oil.
The Udderly Creamy Ji110
Cream Cheese base with Spinach, Artichokes, Extra Cheese, Adobo Chicken, and a Drizzle of Chipotle Aioli.
The MadBearPig95
Mad Buffalo Sauce with Pepperoni and Bacon.
The John McClane80
Garlic Butter and Tomato Sauce Base, Extra Pepperoni and Aged Cheddar.
The Little Princess130
Italian "00" Crust with Garlic Butter, Parmesan, Onions, Garlic, Bacon, Sausage, Red Pepper, Meatballs and Sun-Dried Tomatoes, finished with a drizzle of Balsamic Glaze.
The Uber Goober92
Ground Angus, Bacon, Onion, Aged Cheddar and Scrambled Eggs with a Peanut Butter Drizzle.
The King's Man110
Italian "00" Crust, Carbonara Sauce, Bacon, Mushroom, Onion, Parmesan Cheese, Arugula and a Soft-Baked Yolk.
The Honolulu Disaster92
Spicy Tomato Sauce, Bacon, Ham, Jalapenos, Orange-Lime Carnitas, Finished with Pineapple Salsa and Chipotle Aioli.
El Tuco115
Buffalo Sauce, Garlic, Adobo Chicken, Onions, Green Peppers, Red Peppers, Scrambled Eggs, Finished with Tomato Pico De Gallo.
Hail Mary108
Whole Wheat Crust with BBQ Sauce, Italian Sausage, Cheddar, Parmesan, Jalepenos, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Prosciutto, and Chipotle Aioli.
White Sauce with Chicken, Pineapple and Goat Cheese, finished with a Balsamic and Honey Drizzle.
The Lone Ranger86
Peanut Butter, Pepperoni, Garlic, Bacon, and Sun-Dried Tomatoes.
The Shift110
Whole Wheat Crust Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto, Goat Cheese, Black Olives, Mushroom and Garlic.

Mike's Pizza

Contest Rules 活动规则:

  1. Pizza must have at least 3 and not more than 8 toppings.参赛披萨必须包含至少3种,至多8种馅料。
  2. Combinations are first come, first serve. For example, if someone has already claimed the combination of Pepperoni, Pineapple and Jalapenos, then you can not enter that combination. (A combination is not claimed until you have purchased a pizza and sent a picture of it to the Mike's Pizza WeChat account announcing your intention to enter the contest.) 披萨的组合先到先命名先得。比方说,如果已经有人给一个含有意式腊肠,菠萝和墨西哥辣椒的披萨正式命名,那你就不能再给这个披萨命名。只有当你购买了你自创的这个披萨,给它命名并发送照片给我们,才能算你正式加入这场比赛。
  3. You can enter the contest at any time, but since the finalists will be determined by sales volume, the earlier you enter the better chance you will have of winning. 在6月期间任何时候你都能参赛。但是由于前8名是由销量来决定,那肯定是越早参赛得胜的机会越大。
  4. The top three pizzas selected on June 10 will recieve cash prizes, T-shirts, and bragging rights. The First Prize pizza will also be added to the Mike's Pizza Menu for the entire next year. (The Winner will also receive a "Winner's Discount" on their winning pizza for the whole year.") 大赛的前三名将在6月10日当天决出。胜者将得到现金大奖,T恤,和无限的骄傲!第一名的披萨将在麦可披萨的菜单上保留一年。

How to Create an Original Mike's Pizza: